Thursday, January 11, 2007

Suprised Birthday Party To Cikgu Amy

Sdaf's Student are preparing the supprise Party to Cikgu Amy at the studio.. it was about 8pm something where she bhrought her frend along.. thought it was his client or something so we hold the supprise.. a bit latter when all the student has arrive... TADAAAAA!!! HAppy BIrthDAy CHekgu AMy!!!

Preparation of the party
All the students are signing the huge Card that Monalisa brought
Who supprise who?
Posing maut semua...
"Allah Selamat Kan Kamu..."

Semoga Chekgu Amy Panjang umoq, murah rezeki dan semoga Allah merestui sepanjang hayat Beliau...


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A Drama Queen>>>

We all know at least one attenion seeker and they're a real pain. Not content to just sit back and enjoy life these people create problems or issues out of nothing just to create some form of excitement to liven up their life. Like some people i know any small issues can become big. Sometimes i'm not sure what she is blabbing about whereas other people are just minding their own business and not disturbing her, well the drama queen haha.. Maybe they are just craving for attention or maybe they havea deeper rooted problem. Who knows anyway.They may be amusing for a while but for the long run. It may become tiresome and somewhat irritating.
Think of the friend who makes a federal case out of every little thing her boyfriends does wrong. He doesn't call likes he's supposed to and she's crying hysterically with all sorts of possible scenario running. Having another girl, dead somewhere, or just went off without her. This kind of girl thrives on being the wronged party. She craves sympathy and pity. If you are this type of girl, chill. haha..
What about scene stealer? Some people can't stand it when the attention is on someone else. Maybe you have a friends like that, one who announces her own "good news" after you excitedly reveal your tidbit good news.To have the spotlight focused one anyone but herself is a big no no. She will do whatever possible to revert the attention back to her.
She creates problem when there aren't any. Sometimes the problem if they are any it can be prevented. But caused by some sort of stupidity it became big and put all the blame on everyone else but herself. SOmetimes problem are created as simple as losing a hairclip, forgot to buy something and rave through as if the world is coming to an end. This is the way to draw attention to herself as well.
Complaining and whining is also can be a type of drama queen. Whether the thing is good or no good its whining all along the way. If it is a good thing, then it is not good enough. If it is a bad thing then the whining and complaining when on and on. Huh, imagine how tired my ears are hearing all this haha especially when just got back home tired from work. Well its all about her rite. haha ...
Whether you are a drama queen or a friend of one, something got to be done before some serious damaged happened.